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    Kids fleece hoodie Woof-tastic Shetland Sheepdog

    Athletic Heather
    🎨 Kids "Woof-tastic" Fleece Hoodie Collection - Adventure Ready, Pup Approved! 🐕👧🧒

    Gear up your little explorers with a fleece hoodie that’s as playful and lovable as their furry best friend! Our Kids "Woof-tastic" Fleece Hoodie Collection is the ultimate sidekick for all the tree-climbing, fort-building, and backyard-exploring your kiddo can dream up.

    Why Your Mini-Me Will Love This Hoodie:

    Softness Squared: With a cotton-rich blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester (and 60% cotton with 40% polyester for heather colors), these hoodies offer a buttery-soft exterior that feels just like a cuddle from their pet.

    Tougher Than a Game of Tug-of-War: The tightly knit fabric is sturdy enough to handle the most daring of escapades, ensuring that this hoodie stays in the adventure game for the long haul.

    Kid-Centric Construction: Designed with the little ones in mind, this hoodie features a side-seamed build that holds up to vigorous play without losing shape.

    Cozy Coverage: The 2-panel hood provides extra coziness when the breeze picks up, making it perfect for those chilly evening walks or early morning bus waits.

    Stretchy for Growth Spurts: Elastic cuffs and a waistband mean this hoodie can keep up with growth spurts, making it a long-lasting favorite in their wardrobe.

    Classic for a Reason: Timeless just like a good ol' game of fetch, this hoodie’s design is an evergreen fit for any child’s style and daily routine.

    Wrapped in our "Woof-tastic" Kids Fleece Hoodie, your child is ready to take on the world (or at least the playground) while flaunting their puppy pride. Each hoodie is a colorful homage to their favorite four-legged pals, splashed with a design as vibrant as their imaginations.

    Let them dash out the door in their new favorite hoodie and lead their pack with confidence and flair! 🐾🧥