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    Extra Long Hands Free Dog Leash for One Small to Medium Dog

    Black & Red
    Black & Green
    Dark Grey & Pink
    Khaki & Orange

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    🔄 30-Day Guarantee: Full refund option
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 101 reviews
    Amazon Customer
    Vers functionnal and great customer service.

    We've had this leash for juste about 3 years now. It's super practical. The way the rings are placed on the leash means we can adapt the length depending on where we are (crowded festival vs parc) which is very usefull.The bungee works but it won't prevent all shock. If you are sensitive to that it might not be the best. Also, after lots of use over the years it started to fray at one place. Remember to inspect your leash regularly.We ordered a new one as it's probably the best and most durable one on Amazon. Well guess what...When te owner learned that we have has an issue with our old leash, he sent us a new one free. To me that speaks for itself. The owner stands for it's product and like he sais in his leaflet, making money is not the number one goal. Making happy dogs and dig owners is. He really means it. And that's probably why this is such a good product.No leash will last for ever. But rest assured you'll get the best leash and service your dollars can buy.

    Amazon Customer
    Nice leash

    Nice to have my hands free and pups safe. Nice and sturdy for mini dachs.

    Shosh Lane
    Great leash!

    This lease has made the difference between my dog escaping or being safe. My rescue dog kept getting scared and pulling away from me, and sometimes the leash was pulled from my hands. When I take a walk with this, I don’t have to hold the leash at all and if I do, I can hold him closer. It has been a pleasure to use this product.

    Dual purpose leash

    Leash is great quality. Provides flexibility of wrapping around waist with 2 different handle grips for long/close range. Even though my dog is a pup will work just as well with larger dogs. Highly recommend.

    J. Linville
    Best Dog Walking Experience Ever

    It’s easy to set up and adjust the leash experience depending on where & how you are walking. Casual walks & hikes I extend the length. On heavily traveled paths it’s easy to shorten. The elasticity of the lead keeps me upright when a squirrel is spotted. It’s well constructed.