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    Hands Free Dog Leash for Two Small to Medium Dogs

    Black & Red
    Black & Green
    Dark Grey & Pink
    Khaki & Orange

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews

    What made me buy it was I was walking a neighbors dog and they had one and the idea of having the leash around your waist at first seem kind of weird but after two days I found out how much I really liked it. You can answer your phone. You can use the dog waste bags without having to hold onto your dog cause it’s on your Waist. It’s just overall good product. It is plenty long enough for the darling to be able to walk in front of you, but not too far away and with the two leads I found out that they don’t get tangled up as if you were to have two separate leashes. 

    Brenda C
    Enjoy your walk with hands free

    Two small yorkies with a lot of energy. My hands are really deformed from Rheumatoid Arthritis. This waist leash is so helpful. Frees me up and I can enjoy the walk without pulling or pain.I am use to a duel leash one handle so transforming to this leash was easy. The dogs tend to cross and tie up leashes. Just stop, untangle and go. Be careful you can trip. I feel like I'm driving two horses with reigns. Thanks so much. I'm sending this product to the Arthritis foundation to help others with RA. High score for great idea and product.

    Carolina Bezerra
    Excellent product


    Manos libres

    Me encantó

    gerald cooper
    It’s exactly as advertised

    I have two dogs that are similar in size but one is an adult and the other is a Hey hey, puppy so they tend to run in their own direction, but no matter how much they cross each other up they just don’t get tangled