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    Hands Free Dog Leash for Two Large Dogs

    Black & Red
    Khaki & Orange
    Black & Green
    Dark Grey & Pink
    Grey & Blue

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 289 reviews
    Z. F.
    I like these for two large dogs.

    My dogs are 85lb and 70lb. This is a great way to keep them both leashed as the full force is dispersed 3 ways so one dog cannot pull too hard. The swiveling mounts mean it doesn't get tangled and I can also shorten the leash to keep them closer.I also feel like a sled racer with two dogs pulling me when hiking if they're both walking in front of me.

    julia smith
    This is a game changer!

    I have tried so many leash combinations with my 2 dogs and nothing worked so great. I got this leash combo hoping for the best and it has exceeded my expectations. I took them for a 7 mile walk today through various trails and it was awesome. My one dog gets tangled all the time usually, but not today! Love it.

    Medium sized dogs

    Worked pretty good. I appreciate the hands-free option and the bungees in the leash definitely helped with them pulling. The handles had padding for comfort and they didn't get tangled no matter how much they jumped over each other


    Works well with my two med size dogs they get tangled so times but if one dogs walks faster than the other it will get pulled

    Kindle Customer
    Good to keep one dog extra secure or two dogs.

    I used it for both of my dogs. My senior dog passed away and now I use it for one dog and hook it on two places on her harness to keep her extra safe.