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    Dog Fundamentals - Free Ebook by Christian Dreamland

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    I found Oscar in a run-down, poorly maintained dog shelter. He was huddled in the back of his cage, trembling, and looking wearily at passers-by.åÊ

    He flinched as I drew near and spoke to him. He was so skinny I could see the ribs protruding from his side and the angles on the bones of his hips. His fur was matted and dirty, full of wounds and scars. My heart sank when I saw him. I felt as if he was, unknowingly, waiting just for me.


    I took Oscar home that very day, clueless about the unconditional love and companionship I had welcomed into my home. He recovered slowly after multiple veterinary visits because he had wounds and scars all over his body. After a few weeks, he started to adapt to his new home, slowly started gaining weight and soon became a trusting and loving pet with that undoubting attachment that retrievers show.

    Over time, I found that some of my most peaceful moments, away from the bustle of everyday life, were happening while I was outside, playing with Oscar. His excitement was contagious and I quickly became in tune with his movements.

    Oscar is a big, strong dog, so I definitely needed to have some control over him. åÊHe was at least 3 or 4 years old at the time and it felt like he had never had any dog training whatsoever. åÊSo, we started doing some exercises. I had some experience from Rocca, my 8-year old lab whom I raised and trained since she was a puppy. But training a mature dog with behavioral problems is a very different matter. The need drove me to start studying different dog training techniques, reading books and articles over the internet. I became increasingly interested in the subject and ended up doing extended research on the matter.

    This book is the result of my studies on dog training and with it I hope to help owners that struggle with connecting to their pets.

    In conclusion, I dedicate this book to my amazing dog, Oscar, who has taught me that regardless of past experiences, time, care, and consistency can turn even the most fearful and untrusting dog into a well-trained, happy and healthy companion.

    More about Oscar:

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