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    Hands Free Dog Leash for One Large Dog

    Grey & Blue
    Dark Grey & Pink
    Black & Green
    Black & Red
    Khaki & Orange

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Make sure you check the length of the lead as there are several lengths

    The product is great but I ordered the wrong size lead so now I've integrated a retractable leash with the waste portion of the operation

    Colleen B. MillerColleen B. Miller
    Hands free waking, great for a run or a patio meal

    This leash is awesome. I use it when I bring my dog anywhere that I know I'll need to use my hands for anything. Farmers market trips, runs, patio lunch/ drinks.

    Kathleen Palmer
    Greatest design for frisky pups!

    I wear the leash every day. Easily hook my pup, 40 lbs Basenji, a fast runner and hard to train, and now there is no way to escape me. I add length if I am working in the garden, hook her to me if workers come and leave doors open. Love this leash.

    Awesome leash

    We really like this leash! Best part is having your hands free to be able to walk normally and not be tugged by our reactive dog. Our dog is only 49lbs and I'm 150lbs so he can kind of pull me but not enough to drag me around! He can't pull my 220lb husband though at all. One area for improvement would be adding a clasp right after the handle so you can attach it to the belt from there.

    Best dog leash I’ve ever owned!

    This leash is so dynamic and easy to use in multiple ways, it’s a brilliant invention! I love the loops and different attachments; so versatile. It’s comfortable too! I don’t think I’ll be buying another kind of doggie leash ever again- this is it :) thanks guys!